At the Market: Squamish Farmers’ Market is a Cultural Melting Pot of Flavours

As I got ready on an early sunny Saturday morning to make my way over to the Squamish Connector from Vancouver, I felt geared up for the day ahead! The…
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As I got ready on an early sunny Saturday morning to make my way over to the Squamish Connector from Vancouver, I felt geared up for the day ahead! The traffic was admittedly heavier than usual as the Gran Fondo marathon was happening in Whistler that weekend. And when we arrived at the penultimate stop – the Sea-to-Sky Gondola location, there was a quick washroom break and drop-off for those who required it.

I realized once I’d exited the washrooms (after a long line), the bus was no longer there! Panic mode activated. But, after speaking to some friendly staff members who gave me directions I made the 40-minute, rather sweltering journey on foot via the highway to reach Squamish Farmers’ Market. My perspiring body and empty stomach were ready to snarf down the entire market by this point. 

*Hot tip – if you’re using public transport, wait until your final destination to pee if you can hold it!

As I was getting ready to sample and sip, I came across a multitude of interesting vendors- from what seemed, every pocket of the world. See my top five below: 

Aguas Frescas 

Castro and his cousins are a tight-knit bunch originally from Wahaca, who create authentic Mexican beverages. The moment I set eyes on their stall, I was hypnotized by the vibrant colours – which are all-natural made with fruits or dairy. Claro (of course) their Horchata was an instant palate pleaser- the coffee blended perfectly with cinnamon. And the refreshing Mango Mojito, complete with passionfruit bits was just what I needed after my major trek! And they look inflation right in the eye, with a super reasonable $6 per cup. 

Rai Produce

Family-run and Indian owners of Rai Produce, hailing from Okanagan’s Osoyoos, B.C  showcased an abundance of juicy fruits. From nectarines to sweet Ambrosia apples they had the perfect summer snacks.

Slopeside Coffee Roasting Company 

I was blown away by Tyler Mcneil’s story when I approached his stand. He opened his (air roasted!) coffee venture in the throes of COVID-19. And his commissary in Squamish is closing soon, which means he  will not be creating any further inventory. This is your chance to literally snap up the beans before they go!

Food Trucks

Baba’s House 

Polish husband and wife duo, Maggie and Andrew’s menu proudly displayed some traditional hand-held dishes that more than satisfied my appetite. The Polish Smokey Dog, came with lashings of sauerkraut that complimented the pork smokey on a well-toasted bun. 

Folie Crêpes

Entrepreneur, Bach has a fine-dining chef background and hails originally from Paris. So she takes her crêpes very seriously. You can go boujee with blue cheese and spinach, and even smoked salmon. Or keep it classic with nutella and sugar/lemon. The choice is yours!

Along with these great vendors, there was a delicious street food stall, Jeggs Okonomiyaki making steaming hot Japanese-style savoury pancakes, and a pickled vegetable stand Alice Savage  with jars of everything from Garlic Dill to Traditional Kraul.

There are different children’s activities that happen each week and it’s definitely dog-friendly- the pups were out and about! It is also wheelchair accessible, and parking is available along the road or in the main parking lot nearby, where you’ll see the iconic mural with the words: Ḵ’ay̓áchtn Skwxwú7mesh Welcome to Squamish (Squamish and English languages).

The market is open Saturdays 10 am- 3 pm, until December 9, 2023.