At the Market: Abbotsford Farmers’ Market is about Fresh Ingredients and Community 

A 5 am start to the day is only ever worth it if incredible food is somehow involved. And so it began at this (ungodly) hour that I had a…
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A 5 am start to the day is only ever worth it if incredible food is somehow involved. And so it began at this (ungodly) hour that I had a steaming hot bath to wake the senses. I made my way over to my cousin’s place who also happened to be going to the city of Abbotsford that day, and playing on blast Drake’s HYFR, we rode up the highway with a majestic view of the sunrise and misty mountains as we drove all the way to Jubilee Park where Abbotsford Farmers’ Market was being held. 

Having never experienced downtown Abbotsford before, I quickly came to the conclusion that yes, it’s famous for “farm country” and agriculture, but that there’s also more beauty to it. There’s vast open spaces -unobstructed by high rises, unlike its neighbouring cities – and quirky stores are scattered around. 

Abbotsford Farmers’ Market is smack in the middle of it all. And whilst having conversations with owners of the various stands, it became apparent that there are close relationships between them all. Using fresh ingredients from one another’s farms to make produce, and working alongside each other at the market for literally decades is the vibe here! 

So getting into the must-visit vendors you need to hit up, here’s what I’ve got for you: 

Blue Apron’s Patisserie 

An East Asian-owned patisserie by wife and husband duo Keira and Kyle, they do European-style tarts exceptionally well. Beautifully presented with deluxe fillings, they are ready to serve! Get your taste buds ready for Oreo, Pineapple and Coconut and special Fall flavours: Minced Fruit and Pumpkin. Ooh, the decadence.  

Jen’s Cookie Creations 

Jen is ready to retire. And by that, I mean her day job – to become a full-time baker. With just a few bites of her Peanut Butter Reese’s cookie, I was a mega fan. She also bakes great loaves; may you eat cake at Jen’s.   

Deb’s Best Kombucha 

Well, I think the giveaway is in the name. Deb’s kombucha consists of some very exciting flavours: Pina Colada (virgin!), Mango Tango, Mint and Lavender. Go and quench your thirst! 

Big Mac’s Gourmet Specialties 

Robert “Mac” MacDonald barely needs to market his divine hot sauces, since he’s pretty well-known, having been at the farm stand for almost 20 years! His spicy tagline: unique hot pepper products made with locally grown vegetables and fruits (straight from his garden). Enough said. 

And if you feel like adding some self-care goodies to your yummy treats, Sterling Bath and Body are run by Indian owner Anne who handmakes her soaps with all-natural ingredients. Each scent has its own story, so you’re taken on a journey as you soak! I chose Thieves Blend myself – a combination of 5 different spices and oils infused into a bar.

And for the perfect candlelit moment, there’s Little House Creations, which provides reusable holders with their candles. I got the Satsuma and Tangerine – which was part of last season’s collection so there’s very few left; don’t wait up on being tango’d!  

The market is wheelchair accessible and (on leads) dog friendly, with parking alongside it. There’s also live music each week! It’s open on Saturdays at 9 am – 12 pm until October 28, 2023.  


Abbotsford Farmers’ Market participates in the Nutrition Coupon Program BC, whereby lower income households can register in order to receive coupons to obtain fresh food at the market, rather than paying out of pocket.