Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

7 Farmers' Markets

Strong, vibrant communities rooted in farming—working together to provide their communities with fresh local food.

The geographic heart of the province, this region spans from the west coast to the historic Gold Rush region. With endless expanses of farmland, rugged wilderness and coastline, you can imagine that this region’s seven farmer’s markets serve as vibrant community hubs, showcasing the passions and livelihoods of local farmers, ranchers and entrepreneurs.

Renowned for its rolling grasslands, arid canyons and an inland rainforest, this region offers one-of-a-kind pasture-raised meats, craft beer, locally grown hops, birch syrup and the freshest veggies. Visit one of the region’s farmers’ markets and you will also find fresh baked bread, regional wines, honey, artisan crafts and more.

Stretching from the Rocky and Cariboo Mountains, west to the Great Bear Rainforest on the Pacific Coast, Cariboo Chilcotin Coast is truly a land without limits. The area is comprised of three distinct regions, each with their own culture, history and personality. The serene, lush Cariboo where the Gold Rush is still very much alive, the free spirited “wild west” appeal of the Chilcotin, and the wild Coast landscape defined by seemingly countless fjords, islands, and forests of the Great Bear Rainforest.

What’s in Season in Cariboo Chilcotin Coast


Packed with over a dozen minerals and vitamins, mushrooms are a great way to boost nutrition – and flavour – in your meals. There are hundreds of available farmed and foraged varieties to try – and also available dried for those winter months! Cook up some pink oyster or matsutake (pine mushrooms) in your favourite fish or seafood dish, or try fried portobello or shiitake with your next brunch.

Farmers' Markets

Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Farmers' Markets