Hatching an Idea | Rad Relish Co.

Kyla King and Garrett Millsap are the proud Métis and B.C based entreprenuers behind Rad Relish Co., a thriving business that produces zucchini relish based on Garrett’s 92- year-old grandma’s recipe. Kyla grew up in the Okanagan, surrounded by fresh fruit and her mother’s homemade strawberry jam, and trained as a chef with a special interest in fine dining, working in Michelin starred restaurants across Canada and Australia. When she moved to Summerland, she started attending farmers’ markets regularly and the idea for Rad Relish was born.  

Together, Garrett and Kyla create an assortment of jams, jellies and pickles and their products have spread across BC and Western Canada, making their way from their local farmers’ market into grocery stores. Garrett is a Board Member of the Kelowna Métis Association and a member of Métis Nation BC and is passionate about spreading the word about Métis entrepreneurs and produce. You’ll find Rad Relish with the Metis Nation Business Directory logo on it.