Hatching an Idea | Susgrainable

Marc and Clinton are the dynamic duo behind Susgrainable, an innovative business that transforms brewery waste into tasty baking mixes and treats. The founders saw an opportunity to rescue spent grain waste that is packed full of fibre, protein and minerals, yet makes up almost 60% of Canada’s waste. Susgrainable’s upcycled barley flavour is the magic ingredient behind the brand’s delicious cookie, pancake and banana bread mixes.

The business owners launched their idea at a Vancouver Farmers’ Market in 2018 and just six weeks later had to hire a baker to keep up with their demand! Now operating with a staff of four, Susgrainable is a full-time business for Marc and Clinton and is stocked in 19 outlets across BC, including grocery stores, health food stores and cafes including Bean Around The World, Body Energy Club, Pomme Natural Market and Jackson’s General. Susgrainable also have an online store where starter bundles, cookie mix and pancake and waffle mix can be bought.