Hatching an Idea | Kindred Cultures

Lyndsay Scott is the inspirational CEO and co-founder behind Kindred Cultures, a probiotic-rich kefir water business that began in her kitchen as a family project. Lyndsay’s background is in private equity and venture capital, which unbeknown to her at the time, provided an invaluable insight into how to start and grow a business in the grocery sector. Kindred Cultures was borne out of Lyndsay’s desire to help her son, who suffered from eczema, asthma and food intolerances. A naturopath advised that the issues he was experiencing were the result of a macrobiotic imbalance, which led Lyndsay to ferment water for her son at home. The results were almost instant, with her son’s eczema symptoms disappearing in 24 hours.  

After friends and family sampled her product, Lyndsay started attending her local BC farmers’ market in Steveston. Customers would come back again and again to stock up on the new water and Lyndsay created a bottle return system for her loyal customers. She also learned a lot from her customers about the health benefits they had experienced of consuming the water and learned that this product currently didn’t exist in grocery stores. Kindred Cultures offers a non-diary, non-sparkling kefir water that’s rich in probiotics and infused with organic, nutrient-rich foods. The water supports digestion and nutrition extraction and can even help to generate chemicals and hormones in the gut that are central to good health inside and out! The kefir water is available in a rainbow of flavours including cranberry turmeric and activated charcoal and is now stocked in grocery stores across BC and Ontario including Choices Markets, IGA and Country Grocers.